Throw dice for your presents! It can’t fail!

Time for a change!

Oh dear, the holidays are here and you’re being asked to draw lots for Secret Santa.

Every year you’re told it’s not about the presents, but the gag gifts and the fun you have.

Sure, it’s fun. But every year’s the same. So… have you ever thought about playing a game instead? A Dice Game?

You’ve probably heard of it at some point, but what are the rules exactly? On this site you’ll learn all about those rules, which of course you’re welcome to bend.

Are you new to the Dice Game?

The Dice Game is a fun game with presents.

This game’s recommended if you want to spend time with your family, friends and colleagues and celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’, Christmas or New Year’s Eve a different way

You’ll get to see a whole other side to your loved ones, as all of their greed will show.

Throw dice for your presents! It can't fail!!

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